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What the requirements are, which compressed air standards you should be using, how to create a monitoring program, and how HACCP principles apply to your compressed air system.

During this technical presentation, ASHRAE Fellow and distinguished lecturer, Wei Sun discusses the Cleanroom HVAC Systems Design.

Mr. Wei Sun, president of Engsysco, covers a variety of topics in the Cleanroom HVAC Design Webinar.

This video describes various steps in troubleshooting of equipment. It provides information on important concepts such as flags, breakdown and downtime management.

This video describes 4 key concepts namely, equipment documentation & record keeping, data management, retiring of equipment and key performance indicator monitoring.

Routine Equipment Use & Maintenance as a part of Equipment management series.

This video highlights the importance of calibration of equipment and discusses concepts such as traceability, standards, the uncertainty of measurement and calibration certificate.

This video provides information on procedures to be followed on the arrival of equipment before using for patient reporting, including Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification.

This video highlights the importance of equipment management, essential pre-requisites, equipment purchase, pre-purchase planning.

Good Manufacturing Practices of Water for pharmaceutical use - Part 3 - By Dr Yasser Mekky - Arabic.
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